Starting January 1, 2022 Foundations Naturopathic Health will be increasing its prices for Naturopathic appointments as follows:


Initial Appointment (60-90 minutes):  $191

30 minute Follow-up:  $102

45 minute Follow-up: $153


This is the first price increase I have done since opening, but with increasing costs it is a necessary step.  I apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. 


Green House

Follow-up Visit

30 - 45 minutes

$102 - $153

Dramatic Dew Drops

Brief Visit - Phone/Skype

20 minutes


Green Herbs

Initial Visit

60 -90 minutes



Brief Visit

20 minutes (limited to one or two questions and a supplement refill only)


Herb Plants

Intravenous Nutrient Therapy

(must have had an initial visit)

Length of Time Varies Depending on Treatment

Meyers IV drip $140

B12/B9 Injection $50

B-Complex Injection $75

(Further options available and can be discussed.  Prices will vary based on volume and nutrient components)

Theralase© Cold Laser Session

(must have had an initial visit)

20 minutes

$55/20 minutes

Succulents plants natural

Lab Testing

(must have had an initial visit)

20 - 40 min.

Food Sensitivity Testing (208 foods tested) - $379

Prick Allergy Test (Environmental Inhalants) - $85

Hormone Test (Dried Urine) - $379

Cancellation Policy

Please note there will be a charge of 50% of the cost of your appointment for no shows or cancellation with less than 24hr notice.