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Foundations Naturopathic Clinic

Welcome to Foundations Naturopathic Health!

Your healing journey begins as soon as you walk in the door:  Come in, have a cup of tea, feel comfortable, feel safe, and feel heard.  Medicine is an Art as well as a Science;  each practitioner has their own way of practicing and supporting their patients on their path to wellness.  Here, you can learn about our practice and practitioners.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Our Guiding Principles

Foundations Naturopathic Health is a SAFE SPACE

Our community is beautifully diverse and each one of us has our own story to share and path to walk.  Everyone is welcome in this space regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual preference, gender identity, or religion.

We take the pledge to treat everyone with kindness and respect and to honour all patients and community members, whomever they are and wherever they are on their journey.

Foundations Naturopathic Health would like to acknowledge the Qayqayt (qiqéyt) First Nation, as well as all Coast Salish peoples, whose traditional and unceded territory we have the  privilege of being able to work, learn, and serve on.

Patient Bill of Rights

  • To receive appropriate and timely care

  • To be treated with dignity and respect

  • To receive health services without discrimination

  • To have their personal and health information protected from disclosure

  • To have access to their health information unless, in the opinion of a relevant health professional, the disclosure could result in immediate and grave harm to the patient’s health or safety

  • To refuse consent to any proposed treatment

  • To receive information relating to any proposed treatment and options

  • To the recognition of your Representative or Substitute Decision-maker

  • To the recognition of your Advance Directive

  • To a second opinion

  • To pain and symptom management

The Therapeutic Order

One of the principles that guides Naturopathic Medicine is The Therapeutic Order.  The Therapeutic Order is as follows:

Establish the Foundation for Optimal Health: modify and remove the obstacles to cure; assess the determinants of health

Stimulate the Self-Healing Mechanism: recognize the Vis Medicatrix Naturae

Support& Restore Weakened Systems: aid regeneration of damaged organs

Address Physical Alignment: restore proper structural integrity

Natural Symptom Control: use of natural substances to palliate

Synthetic Symptom Relief: use of drugs to palliate

High Force Interventions 

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About Dr. Heidi Standeven, MA, ND

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